Participate in School Service/Activity

Participate in School Service/Activity

Volunteers support for school Service/Activity shall strengthen and enrich the implementation of co-scholastic services/activities. Volunteers would be able to bring diverse talents and skills, thereby making valuable assets/material/equipment to the learning process at school.

The process of participation in school Service/Activity is described below:

Search school wise Service/Activity requiring volunteer as per your skill / interest

Volunteers can search Service/Activity planned by school based on their skills and interest and send request for participation. Volunteer can specify State / District / Block / Service/Activity to display list of schools requiring volunteer for the specified Service/Activity. Alternatively, Website may also send the notification to volunteers on registration of new Service/Activity based on volunteer’s area of interest specified in their profile.

Show Interest for
participation Request school for participation in Service/Activity of your choice

After identification of suitable planned Service/Activity pertaining to the school of choice of volunteers, volunteers shall show their interest on the Website. Volunteers must fulfill the eligibility criteria as mentioned in planned Service/Activity. However, volunteer must register themselves on Vidyanjali Website to register their interest in participation of school Service/Activity.

with School Meeting with the school to understand the support required for the Service/Activity

School shall review all the applications / interests of volunteers and shortlist the appropriate volunteers for the Service/Activity to further evaluate and understand the suitability of volunteer for the Service/Activity. Volunteer shall connect with school as per the agreed schedule. School selects and informs the suitable volunteers for participation in school Service/Activity.

Contribute /
Participate Support school for conducting the Service/Activity

Volunteer shall participate in School Service/Activity as per the agreed scope and terms with the school. After successful completion of Service/Activity, Service/Activity brief and photographs shall be uploaded on system. Both Volunteer and School provide feedback to each other for continuous improvement.

* Above steps are for registered volunteers

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