About Vidyanjali

About Vidyanjali

Vidyanjali is an amalgamation of the words Vidya meaning "correct knowledge" or "clarity" and Anjali meaning “an offering with both hands” in Sanskrit language.

Vidyanjali is an initiative taken by the Ministry of Education, Government of India with the aim to strengthen Schools through community and private sector involvement in schools across the country. This initiative would connect schools with varied volunteers from the Indian Diaspora namely, young professionals, retired teachers, retired Government officials, retired professionals, NGOs, Private Sector and Public Sector Companies, Corporate Institutions and many others.

Vidyanjali has two verticals : “Participate in school Service/Activity” and “ Contribute Assets/Material/Equipment” in which volunteer can support and strengthen the government and government aided schools. Vertical and broad categories where volunteer can support are as follows:

Participate in School Service/Activity

Volunteers can participate in co-scholastic services/activities in government school with relevant knowledge and skill set and bridge the knowledge / skill / human resource gap in the institute.

Service/Activity Category


Volunteers can contribute to school for strengthening the school infrastructure.

The overall process providing support
to school:

The overall process providing support to school
  • School Registration / Onboarding

    School shall register themselves on Vidyanjali portal by providing their basic details.

  • Publish Service/Activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment Request

    After registration, school shall publish the service/activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment details for required external support from the volunteers.

  • Volunteer Registration

    Volunteer shall register themselves on Vidyanjali portal by providing their basic details.

  • Search in Service/Activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment

    Volunteers shall search for published Service/Activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment request and shall show their interest on the portal. School shall authorize volunteer to participate in Service/Activity or Assets/Material/Equipment.

  • Contribute in Service/Activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment

    Volunteer shall participate in School Service/Activity and/or Assets/Material/Equipment as per the agreed scope and terms with the school. After successful completion, Service/Activity or Assets/Material/Equipment brief along with photographs shall be uploaded on system.

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